Parental Account Management for Children Accounts

Experience for parental consent and permission for child accounts inside Globo’s account mangement.


UX Designer


UX Research, User Flow, Wireframes, Prototyping


Figma, Sketch, Zeplin


In 2020, Globo has adapted its registration and account management platform to comply with LGPD (Brazil’s version of the GDPR), following guidelines to support account creation for children under 16. In consequence, it was necessary to allow parents to have access to a feature that allows them to manage their child’s account.

The project is about creating an experience that merges with Globo’s user account management, which would give the control for parents regarding their child’s account usage.

Check this project live at Globo.

When we started working on the project, our first task was to understand what features we could offer to the parents keeping in mind our stakeholders’ needs at the same time. After reviewing our scope of work, applying a benchmark, and understanding the task flows as a team, I was able to sketch different pages to discuss which layout could best present the features to the user.

After discussions with the team, we decided that the most efficient way to approach the project would be to use the same components that Globo already uses in its user account management platform. Some features that were proposed were backlogged and two basic features were prioritized: blocking the children’s access and deleting the children’s account. These sketches were turned into wireframes that later, evolved into a high-fidelity prototype for the engineering team.